Your Client Wants No Showings – Here’s What To Do

You may have some clients who are feeling uncertain about opening up their homes for showings. This might have you asking, “What is the best status for my listing in REcolorado Matrix?”

Here are some scenarios and tips you can use to make the best choice for your seller, plus some tips to get new eyes on your listing.

No Showings Until, but Continue Marketing

When your seller is uncomfortable with showings but wants to continue marketing their home on the internet, what should you do?

Keeping the listing Active, and using the No Showings Until field, is your best bet. Taking this approach will ensure you are building buyer anticipation, as well as keeping the listing visible on, the REcolorado App, IDX websites, and syndication channels. Your listing will also be available to brokers in REcolorado Matrix, Client Portals, and Auto Emails. Because your listing is still getting full exposure, Days in MLS (DIM) will continue to accrue.

Pro Tip: Make certain you are using your REcolorado tools to Get More Eyes on Your Listing.

Valid Listing Agreement, but Limited Marketing

What if your client wants to maintain your listing agreement, but they want to temporarily stop showings and hold off on marketing so they can update the paint or carpet, take new photos, let holidays pass, or if they have a personal reason to not show their home?

In this situation, turn to the Withdrawn status, which indicates a listing is under a valid listing agreement but has limited marketing and is not accepting showings. When a listing is Withdrawn status, your sign can remain in the yard. Because the listing is not being actively marketed, it is not available on, IDX sites, or syndication channels. Days in MLS will be paused. 

When your seller is ready to begin showings changing the listing’s status back to Active from the REcolorado Matrix Input Tab will trigger auto-emails to potential buyers and it will make the listing show in buyers’ Client Portals as Back on Market. Plus, the listing will again display on home search sites. DIM will resume when the listing’s status is again Active.

To generate even more excitement, make the listing Active and use the No Showings Until field that you read about above.

Pro Tip: Remember, it is a violation of REcolorado Rules and Regulations to expire to re-set a listing’s Days in MLS or make a listing look new. Expiring and relisting a property will result in an immediate fine. Brokers within the same office must wait 30 days before listing the same property.

Getting More Eyes on your Listing

Here are some great ways to bring more attention to your listing using your REcolorado tools.

  1. Add photos, videos, and virtual tours
    REcolorado Matrix allows 50 photos per listing with captions. The first photo can show any room or view of the home. To draw new buyers, try rearranging your photos to feature the great kitchen or amazing views. Your listing can also include three different virtual tours with brokerage branding.
  2. Make price adjustments
    Adjusting the price on a listing could make the property fit a different budget, drawing new attention from a different set of buyers. You can track the effectiveness of price changes using Listing Metrics.
  3. Complete all fields in REcolorado Matrix
    Buyers often have very specific requests – backs to open space, green features, heated garage, etc. By completing every field during listing entry, you can increase the chance your listing will be found.
  4. Use Social Media
    When you use to share your listing on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll quickly get it in front of more prospective buyers. Plus, the post will link back to where if it’s your listing, it’s your lead.
  5. Reverse Prospecting
    As a subscriber of REcolorado, you’re a part of the largest broker-to-broker network in the state, giving you the ability to connect directly with thousands of brokers and their buyers! The Reverse Prospecting feature in Matrix helps you make those connections.