Important REcolorado Update

Last week, information about the sale of REcolorado was made available, which created many questions. Will REcolorado still be your MLS partner? Who will be the new owner? How will this impact my business? Will our MLS fees be increased? We want to answer your questions, provide clarification, and reassure you that REcolorado will remain the strong MLS partner you can rely on.

As part of their continued effort to put their members and REcolorado subscribers first, Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® (DMAR) and South Metro Denver REALTOR Association® (SMDRA) have entered into an agreement to sell their shares in REcolorado to MAZL, a local, privately-owned company. DMAR and SMDRA, REcolorado’s two shareholders and owners, made REcolorado leadership aware of the potential sale of the company and were transparent, to the extent they could be while adhering to confidentiality agreements and working with legal counsel. Moving forward with the sale of REcolorado, which would decouple our REALTOR® associations from the MLS, is truly in the best interest of REcolorado, REALTOR® associations, and the real estate community.

Please rest assured that we will maintain the exceptional service you have come to expect throughout this transition and into the future. We are fully committed to ensuring that there will be no disruptions during or after the finalization of this sale. Additionally, we remain committed to protecting your data, as we always have. We have every confidence that working with MAZL will not only enhance REcolorado’s ability to serve you, but will also bring added protections given our current legal environment.
You may have more questions, so we’ve collaborated with DMAR and SMDRA to put together FAQs available on our website.

As always, we appreciate your questions and encourage you to reach out; however, please understand that there are some details we may not have quite yet. We are committed to transparency, so be assured that we will share information as soon as it becomes available.
Thank you for standing by us as we navigate towards a bright future together.