Buyer’s Agents: Watch for the Showing Service!

With multiple showing services in our market, it’s more important than ever to take a moment to double-check the showing service icon in REcolorado Matrix to be sure you’re scheduling your showings with the right service. Calling the wrong number could lead to your showing not being confirmed, which can be frustrating for you and your clients when time is of the essence. 

Showing Service Options: REcolorado has partnerships with both BrokerBay and ShowingTime to give you options that work for your business. Learn more >>

How to Locate the Showing Service on a Listing

Showing services are determined on each listing by the listing broker. From REcolorado Matrix, a buyer’s agent can quickly find showing information and book showings through integrations with BrokerBay and ShowingTime. Here’s how:

  • From your search results, you’ll see an icon for either ShowingTime or BrokerBay, depending on the service used by the listing broker.
  • You can find the icon from many views, including Single-Line Display, Thumbnail, and Full Property View.
  • Simply click the icon and schedule a showing!
  • For additional details, visit the showing information section on the Full Property View.

Double-Check the Showing Service Icon

Multiple showing services operate in our market. Agents may use BrokerBay, ShowingTime, or another service to manage showings on their listings. Before you call one out of habit, make sure you dial the right number! We recommend you add the following numbers to your phone’s contacts for easy access.

  • BrokerBay Scheduling Center (available for you 24/7): 888.808.0331
  • ShowingTime Scheduling Center: ​800.746.9464

Slow Down to Speed Up

When a showing is scheduled, the listing broker’s information needs to be verified by the buyer’s agent. A third party verifying this information could lead to security issues, which we take very seriously. ShowingTime representatives are NOT authorized to schedule showings on BrokerBay listings and BrokerBay representatives are NOT authorized to schedule showings on ShowingTime listings. If you call the wrong number, the service representative will not be able to complete the process and your showing will remain unconfirmed. By slowing down and verifying the showing service, you’ll actually be speeding up the showing management process for yourself!