BrokerBay FAQs: Managing Brokers

As a managing broker/participant how will I use BrokerBay?

Managing Brokers/Participants will have access to the BrokerBay brokerage dashboard and advanced admin queue where brokerage staff and team admins can audit almost anything that happens with showings on behalf of the entire office.

Will I be able to collaborate with my team using BrokerBay?

Yes. BrokerBay is built for teams of any size to coordinate and collaborate on listings, showings, offers, and more. One great feature for collaborating with teams is BrokerBay’s built-in chat option. Messages are delivered through the website, the BrokerBay app, or SMS based on user preferences. Use it to easily communicate with other BrokerBay users in your office and across the platform.

Why should my office use BrokerBay?

There are many reasons your office should consider using BrokerBay. The showing management ecosystem provides an intuitive, user-friendly platform with customizable showing settings and is fully integrated with the REcolorado Matrix MLS. When your entire office uses this tool, your team will benefit from enhanced collaboration through BrokerBay’s advanced communication features, admin controls, internal announcement tools, listing intranet, and robust reporting. And best of all, BrokerBay is included as part of your REcolorado subscription, including the Complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center, which allows both listing and buyers’ brokers to schedule, change, or cancel appointments by phone. Everyone in your office gains powerful showing management tools while saving money!

Who do I call for help?

If you need any assistance with your showings or the BrokerBay platform, there are lots of people ready to help. BrokerBay will pair you with an Onboarding Specialist as you get started with the platform to provide training and answer your questions. You also have access to a complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center (888.808.0331) for help with your scheduling needs and the BrokerBay Help Desk ( to ask any other questions you may have.

Don’t forget that the REcolorado Customer Success team is also here for you six days a week at or 303.850.9576, option 1, if you need any support with REcolorado Matrix.

When can I reach BrokerBay support?

The complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center is available 24/7! Complimentary BrokerBay email support is available 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends.