Recorded Webinar: BrokerBay Training for Admins

This training session is designed for anyone who will be using the BrokerBay admin features to support your office, including front-desk staff, transaction coordinators, managing brokers, and participants. Learn about how to use and navigate the platform and admin dashboard to assist your agents. Plus, you’ll learn next steps to prepare for your office for launch.

Here is an overview of what is covered in this training:

  • You can access the BrokerBay Knowledge Center for training resources and ‘how to’ questions (1:36)
  • My Brokerage tab overview – this is where all your listings migrate from REcolorado Matrix (2:50)
  • Tools available on the Admin Tab (5:20)
  • High-level overview of the BrokerBay showing management process with a demo of showings moving through the Admin Queue (7:45)
  • How to configure a listing (11:23)
  • Booking, processing, and troubleshooting showings (21:48)
  • Sending notifications and chat messages to agents and brokerage staff (33:42)
  • Next steps for BrokerBay onboarding (35:25)

Questions? Reach out to BrokerBay for complimentary support at or 888.808.0331.