Reverse Prospecting: Proactively Find Interested Buyers

As a subscriber of REcolorado, you’re a part of the largest broker-to-broker network in the state, giving you the ability to connect directly with thousands of brokers and their buyers. The Reverse Prospecting feature in REcolorado Matrix helps you make those connections.

With REcolorado as your business partner, you can experience what others are reporting—better offers for your clients with less time on the market.

What is Reverse Prospecting?

Reverse Prospecting in REcolorado Matrix allows you to view a list of brokers with potential buyers for your listing. In other words, if your listing was included in an auto email that a fellow broker sent to their client, it will give you that broker’s name, contact info, and the client reference number. It will also tell you if that client marked your property as a favorite or possibility.

When is Reverse Prospecting Helpful?

Let’s say you have a client with a unique property or a client who wants to sell their home quickly. Use the Reverse Prospect feature to proactively reach out to brokers who have clients looking for a home like yours. This could help you more quickly find a buyer. And since you’re connected to more than 25,000 other brokers who subscribe to REcolorado, that puts you in a fabulous position to find a great match.

How to Use Reverse Prospecting

Check out our reverse prospecting how-to documents. Happy selling!

To learn more, watch this recorded webinar: How Well Are You Marketing Your Listing with REcolorado Tools.