3 Tips for Using the REcolorado App When You’re Out With Clients

What do you do when you’re out for a day of showings and want to send your clients a property you think they may like, update the status of your listing, or reference information from REcolorado Matrix?  Grab your phone and open the REcolorado App! 

From InstaView to Market Stats, the REcolorado App puts the power of the MLS in the palm of your hand. Use these three tips to save time and be the local market expert every time you’re in the field with clients.

Easily pull up Listing Details with InstaView

View complete listing details in one click! When you begin a showing with your client, simply click “InstaView” on the home screen of the REcolorado App. You’ll immediately see the property, along with any other listings within 100 feet of your location.

Plus, your client can do the same! If they haven’t already, have them download the REcolorado App and click “InstaView” to see all public listing details for the property immediately. You and your client will always see the most accurate, up-to-date information in the REcolorado App because it’s coming straight from the source – REcolorado Matrix.

“Which ever house I am about to show, I can click “InstaView” and it pulls up the listing automatically. Or if I want to check if there are any other listings in the same area, it pulls it up on that InstaView as well.  It does save time. I hate pulling up to a house and having to log back in and then search the address. Now I just pull up and click InstaView on the App and the listing pops up.”

REcolorado customer

Drive by a house with a for sale sign? Use InstaView to pull up the listing in the MLS quickly. Using the InstaView feature can help your clients as they explore areas where they are interested in buying a home.

Connect to your Clients with Brand & Share™

Connect with your clients right away in the app. If they haven’t installed the REcolorado App yet, invite them to download it by sending a custom installation link through Brand & Share™. If they’re prompted to enter the agent code, they can find it by using the last section of the URL you shared: app.recolorado.com/XXX12345

Though your customers can use the app on their own, connecting with you – their broker – ensures their activity in the app syncs with their REcolorado Matrix Client Portal. You can easily share listing information, exchange messages, and keep track of their favorites and discards through the REcolorado App.

Learn more about connecting with your clients in the REcolorado App >>

Learn about the Neighborhood with Market Stats

Never be stumped by a housing market question! You can answer your clients’ questions about the housing market in a specific neighborhood by easily pulling up Market Stats information in the REcolorado App.

Start with a Map Search to select the area where you’d like to focus. You can draw a shape on the map to focus your search in a specific area. Add advanced criteria as needed or stick with a high-level overview by searching based only on location.

Underneath the search bar, you can quickly switch to the “Stats” tab to see an overview of the housing market based on your search criteria, including:

  • Prices (Average, lowest, and highest price)
  • Property Type (Single Family, Multi-Family, Townhouse, etc.)
  • Days in MLS (Average, shortest, and longest DIM)

Plus, you can switch between Active listings to Closed or Expired/Withdrawn to form a complete view of the housing market in a specific area.

Pro Tip: Turn on Location Services for the REcolorado App to quickly conduct searches based on your phone’s GPS.

With the REcolorado App, you can save time and always be the market expert, even when you’re on the go. Remember, our team is here to help. If you have any questions about the REcolorado App, contact our Customer Care team at support@REcolorado.com.

What are your favorite ways to use the REcolorado App? Share your tips in the comments below!