The Best REcolorado Training Classes to Take in January

Whether you’re just starting out (or just getting back into the swing of things) and you need The Basics, or you’re ready to take your knowledge to a more Advanced level, we’ve compiled a short list of REcolorado classes that will help prepare you for selling season. These classes are offered at REcolorado, online, or even at your office, so you can sign up for the date and time that is most convenient for you!

The Basics

Matrix: If It Can’t Be Found, It Can’t Be Sold (2 CE)

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Learn (or relearn) how to enter and maintain listings in Matrix. You’ll get an overview of the REcolorado Rules and Regulations, and the available property type forms, and get a look at the different fields and options.

REcolorado Listing Statuses: Define, Accurately Manage & Remain Compliant (2 CE)

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One of the most common violations of REcolorado Rules and Regulations involves REcolorado Listing Statuses. Learn how to accurately define, and manage REcolorado Listing Statuses to help you remain compliant.

Matrix: Communication Tools (2 CE)

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Explore how Matrix can help you share information with clients in a way that’s quick, easy, and professional. This includes an overview of auto emails and the Client Portal, how to set up your personal branding on all communications, and how to use your dashboard widgets to determine if your clients are engaged.


Making Matrix Your Own (1 CE)

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Cut down the time it takes you to do things in Matrix. There are tons of ways to customize Matrix to meet your business needs, so you ensure you’re working as efficiently as possible. Learn to organize your dashboard, create custom displays and exports, set search and map defaults, and much more.

Farming: How Your REcolorado Tools Enable You to Identify, Maintain, and Profit From a Farm (2 CE)

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Matrix, Realist, Homes Pro, and InfoSparks are tools included with your REcolorado subscription at no extra cost that can help you focus your farming efforts only on the best possible candidates. Go from using the basic features of each platform to really understanding how each one can help you accomplish your business goals.

Power Up Your Listings With REcolorado Tools (2 CE)

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From open house notices to listing performance metrics to IDX and syndication options, learn how to access and use your REcolorado tools to maximize listing exposure and find the right buyer.