Safeguarding Your Data and Access is Our Business

As your multiple listing service (MLS) partner, REcolorado collects, aggregates, and distributes listing data you rely on to find and sell property, generate housing market statistics, communicate with clients, and more.

Because data drives your business and data powers everything you do, we take protecting it and your access to it very seriously. Here are a few of the ways we keep your data safe:

  • REcolorado IT Team: We have our own in-house IT team who monitors our systems to make sure they are here for you.
  • Plus, CoreLogic IT Team: CoreLogic, the provider of the Matrix MLS system used by REcolorado and many of the largest MLS systems across the country, also has a team of IT gurus and security systems in place to protect the MLS system and the data within.  
  • 100% MLS Up Time: You rely on REcolorado Matrix MLS to access your data. Our IT department, supported by the CoreLogic team, focus on keeping the MLS up and running. REcolorado Matrix MLS uptime is nearly 100%!
  • Reliable Access: Plus, we ensure you always can access your tools through, even during maintenance windows. When you click Pros MLS Login you can access the REcolorado MLS and other powerful tools available through your subscription.
  • Security: REcolorado uses application-based firewalls and geo-fencing to manage who can (and cannot) access MLS listing data.
  • Data Back-ups: All MLS data is saved through the cloud, with redundant systems in multiple regions across the country. In the unlikely event of a data breach, your information can be retrieved in multiple ways.
  • Surveillance: REcolorado has system monitoring in place for the tools you use so we can catch unexpected behavior and resolve it quickly.
  • Data Tracking: If anyone attempted to alter a listing, REcolorado can identify who made the change and where they were located. With complete listing edit history, we can find and correct unexpected changes.

Data Security is Up to You, Too!

When you join the MLS as a real estate professional, you agree to follow a set of rules and regulations. Not only does this establish cooperation between brokers, but it is also an agreement to respect the data you’re exchanging through the MLS. Be sure that you are not abusing the data by sharing login credentials, soliciting Expired or Withdrawn listings, or distributing data in any way that is beyond the terms of your agreement. If you’re unclear about REcolorado’s data rules, please review the MLS Rules and Regulations.

If you suspect a data breach or suspicious use of MLS data, please let us know by using the yellow ReportIt button on your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard or by contacting