Protecting Your Seller’s Privacy in the MLS

My seller is concerned about their privacy. How can I protect them and market the listing?

Say “Yes” to the MLS!

Some sellers do not want details about their home to be available to the public. Whether they are a celebrity, in witness protection, or simply concerned for their safety, protecting the seller’s privacy is the primary concern.

REcolorado Matrix offers several fields which allow you to protect your client’s privacy while including the listing in the MLS.

Remember, you control the marketing.

Regardless of how and where you promote the listing, you and your seller are in control of how you market the listing. You can enter the listing into the MLS, which means all other marketing outside the brokerage is allowed under Clear Cooperation, while protecting the privacy of the seller.

No public display on websites or IDX Feeds.

This option removes the listing from our public-facing website ( and IDX feeds, including Zillow. To opt out, simply select “No” under Internet Entire Listing Display.

Exclude the address from internet display.

The listing can appear on other sites, but without the address. This protects your sellers from drive-by lookie-loos. Keep in mind, this may prevent the listing from appearing on some external sites that cannot accommodate a hidden address.

Opt out of syndication.

You can choose if the listing is syndicated. If your client prefers not to have the listing available widely online, you can select “No” in the ’Internet Entire Listing Display?’ field. This means the listing will not be available on any public websites, including, Nestfully, IDX, and syndication sites. When combined with the first option, selecting “No” for Internet Entire Listing Display, the listing will only be visible to brokers within REcolorado Matrix.

Find all three of these options on the Marketing tab during Listing Input or Edit.

REcolorado Customer Success is here to help! If you have questions about entering your listing, a specific field, or options within REcolorado Matrix, our team is available to answer them. Reach us at or 303.850.9576, option 1.