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When you use CTM Software, you choose to participate in the next generation of Real Estate Contracts. While we certainly have witnessed many changes, the future is once again ripe for technology to improve the transaction process and discover new ways of not only becoming profitable, but most importantly thriving in a constantly changing industry. CTM Software has the goal to constantly advance their system, procedures, and most importantly, technology for the benefit of improving and evolving your business to compete in this and future generations of real estate. Eventually all contracts will become paperless; this is merely the first step in the real estate industry. We are proud to have you as a member of our network and look forward to serving your needs and most of all, finding ways to increase your efficiency and profitability.

Why CTM?

CTM keeps track of deadlines, emails, signatures, title orders, and best of all, it notifies the real estate agent of approaching events, completed events, and past due events. The actual “brain” for lack of a better term manages when the contract was created, by whom it was created, and all parties related to the contract that were responsible for any changes.

Understanding this information will provide you a basis for understanding how the software works, and how it can help you and your team manage each real estate transaction on a second-by-second basis with complete accountability.

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