REcolorado Marketplace Tool: Cloud Agent Suite

One of the many benefits of REcolorado’s MLS system is that it provides comprehensive information for CMAs, statistics, and your other reporting needs. But as a busy real estate professional, sometimes you need to whip up some quick information for those last-minute client requests. For those times, use Cloud Agent Suite. Produce a CMA on the fly or set up quick listing alerts for your clients, and create custom webpages for your clients that correspond with those things.

Consumers today don’t just want access to detailed real estate information, they expect it. This means if you’re looking to grow your business, you’ll want to use all the tools at your disposal, including the built-in CMA in Matrix. You’ll also want to consider supplemental MLS tools like Cloud Agent Suite, which can help you do more business on the go. The Suite includes four tools that can be purchased as a bundle or a la carte.

Cloud CMA
Easily create quick CMAs out in the field, as well as Buyer Tours, Property Reports, and Flyers. Learn more >>

Cloud Streams
Deliver branded listing alerts to your clients. Learn more >>

Cloud MLX
Quickly search the MLS when you’re on the go. Learn more >>

Cloud Attract
Create landing pages that automatically respond with a home valuation, CMA, or listing alert. Learn more >>

Try Cloud Agent Suite Free for 30 Days

Want to try before you buy? You’re in luck! Try all the Suite tools free for 30 days. Try now >>

Cloud Agent Suite Training

Access videos and webinars for all four Cloud Agent Suite tools. Get started >>