Manage, Compare, and Share Offers with SkySlope

SkySlope Offers helps real estate professionals solicit, view, compare, and share offers. Whether you need to reject, counter, or accept offers, SkySlope Offers provides you with the flexibility and functionality to do so.

Receiving Offers through SkySlope

When a listing is activated in Matrix, a file associated with the listing is automatically created in SkySlope Offers and a SkySlope offer icon presents on the listing’s full property detail page. Buyers agents can use this icon to submit offers.

You can also share your listing link, generated through SkySlope, to collect and manage contracts. When you receive offers through other channels, you can upload the offers as PDFs into SkySlope Offers. This way, you can review all offers in a single platform.  

Once your listing is ready, buyers agents can submit purchase contracts by clicking the SkySlope offer icon located on the full property details of your listing in Matrix.

Reviewing Offers

You can use SkySlope Offers to review all offers received or uploaded for your listing. Every offer is displayed, sorted, and compared by multiple data points, including price, closing period, contingencies, and more.  

Buyer details, including names, are obscured during the offer evaluation process to prevent the potential for bias and promote Fair Housing. Share this information with your clients to simplify the offer review process.  

If you are not a SkySlope user, don’t worry. All offers submitted through the SkySlope offer icon will include a PDF that you can open, share with clients, and/or upload into other contracts programs.

Transparency through Communication

Automated communication in SkySlope Offers provides increased transparency for buyers’ agents, letting them know when their offer is received and when a decision is made.  

How to Access SkySlope Offers

Accessing SkySlope Offers is simple and convenient. On the REcolorado Connect dashboard, you’ll find dedicated tiles for both products.

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