IntraMatrix Features

You now have access to even more listing data through REcolorado! Thanks to strategic partnerships with like-minded MLSs and the new IntraMatrix feature through Matrix, you can access listings from partner MLSs across the country.

What is IntraMatrix?

IntraMatrix allows REcolorado subscribers to easily access other Matrix systems. By clicking a link at the top right corner of Matrix, you can easily move from REcolorado’s Matrix MLS to another system (i.e. FMLS) where you can perform a variety of familiar Matrix functions. You get access to more data to serve your clients!

  • Search for listings
  • Create contacts
  • Send emails (direct and auto)
  • Create CMAs
  • View statistics and market reports

Data Partners through IntraMatrix

REcolorado has partnered with the following MLSs to make listing data available through Matrix:

  • First MLS (GA)
  • Miami (FL)
  • MLS Listings (Santa Clara, CA)
  • Heartland (KS)

Features Available through IntraMatrix

The following features are available to all agents visiting another Matrix system:

  • Home page widgets, except for those that refer to an external vendor paid for by the MLS. All regular Matrix widgets are available, e.g., Market Watch, Hotsheets, News, Contacts, Stats, etc.
  • System news. There is no ability to target visiting agents.
  • All configured navigation menu options except for Input and Admin. Available options can include Dashboard, Search, Roster Search, Stats, Tax, Finance, Market Reports, Links, Help, Settings, and Mobile. Market Reports that already have MUC restrictions will not be available.
  • All Searches for Matrix-provided data sets. Available search types include Office, Agent, Teams, Listings, Open Houses, Tax, and History.
  • Contacts functionality.
  • Saved Searches, including Auto Email Searches. Emails will show the Away System as the originating address. Users may need to explain to clients why they are sending email from a different address.
  • OneHome or the Matrix client portal. It is possible that REcolorado and other MLS systems offer different portal solutions.
  • SMS text message notifications, if configured.
  • CMAs and 360 CMAs.
  • Exporting Office, Agent, Listing, and Tax records, according to the MLS’s established rules.
  • Listing media, according to the Media Privacy privileges of the MLS.
  • Data share data.

Unavailable Features

The following features are NOT available to visiting agents:

  • Listing input (add/edit), including access to audit logs.
  • IDX frame configuration. Most IDX setups are based on My Listings, My Office Listings, etc. Since the agent does not have add/edit, this configuration is not available.
  • Team functionality. Team information is only available on REcolorado Matrix.
  • Administrative tools and privileges.
  • Contacts and Saved Searches from the Home System. There is no conversion of data between systems.