FAQs: Square Footage

Real estate brokers and appraisers rely on MLS data for accurate square footage used in CMAs, appraisals, and more. To get started, review the REcolorado Square Footage Companion.

Livable Structures. Some properties have additional structures that may be considered livable. Livable structures have walls, floors, and ceilings, and a separate heat source, and would be considered suitable for a person to occupy year-round. Indicate square footage for these structures in the Structure SqFt field. You can also enter number of beds/baths for these structures.
Outbuildings. Outbuildings are non-livable structures that may be used for animals or other purposes, such as a barn, stable, or workshop. Square footage for these structures should be included in the Outbuilding SqFt field.

You always want to make sure your listing details reflect the property as accurately as possible. If the current square footage of the home doesn’t match what’s in public records, you should input the accurate square footage so it reflects the current condition of the home. Be sure to use the Area Source field to indicate the source of your measurements.

Square footage calculations in REcolorado’s MLS system follow the REcolorado MLS Rules and Regulations and RESO Data Dictionary. These may differ from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and other systems.

Tips and Tricks

Ensure that Room Location corresponds with your style of home. For example, rooms in the basement should be “Basement” and not “Lower” level.

If you need help as you enter your square footage, reference the Square Footage Companion.