FAQs: Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to selling a home. Understand the rules related to listing photos to attract buyers and accurately represent the property by saying “Yes” to the MLS!

Get the camera out! Once you have a valid listing agreement, you have three business days to enter your listing into the MLS and your listing must include at least one photo unless the seller instructs you otherwise. The photo must be specific to the property.

Many homes have a for sale sign in the yard, which may leave you wondering if your listing photograph can include the yard sign. The answer is yes, a yard sign is acceptable as long as it’s not the main focus of the photo. However, outside of the yard sign, personal or brokerage adverting in listing photographs is not permitted.

You can add up to 50 photos. đŸ“·

Say cheese! It is recommended that property photos be specific to the property, but if you want to include “lifestyle photos” in your listing photos, that’s ok too. We suggest you consider the longevity of the photos and any potential privacy concerns before uploading photos with people in them. It is best practice to have permission from any people in the photo before uploading it. Photos for the purpose of advertising, including promoting a broker, is strictly prohibited.

Put your best foot forward! According to MLS policy, photos with virtual staging are acceptable. Virtual staging is not considered manipulating photos or the appearance of the property. Rather, it is showing the home in its best light, similar to physical staging.

Yes, you can edit your photos, but make sure any enhancements do not manipulate the true appearance of the property. Permanent objects cannot be removed, the appearance of the landscape cannot be modified, and visual improvements cannot be made if they do not already exist.

When you are listing a new home, plan, or community, you may only have access to artist renderings and drawings or builder models. The good news is you can use these assets. Be sure to disclose that photos include renderings or builder models in the Private or Public Remarks field or through the ‘Enter description’ section by clicking on each photo. Avoid any company logos, as these photos will be removed.

You cannot share your MLS credentials with anyone else, including your photographer. However, REcolorado built a tool just for this scenario! It’s called Media Bridge, and any photographer or media provider can sign up to use it. To encourage yours to sign up, send them this link.