Data Exchange: Entering Listings in Both REcolorado and IRES = Editing Listings in Both Systems

Key Takeaways:

• REcolorado’s partnership with IRES makes listings available in both MLS systems.
• Learn how this partnership benefits you and how it could affect your listing management process.

Thanks to a strong partnership with IRES, our data exchange and integration agreement makes more listing data available to brokers across Colorado. Exchanged listings are available in both MLS systems, giving brokers access to timely information regardless of which MLS system they use.  

For brokers who enter listings in both REcolorado and IRES, understanding how exchanged listings are displayed will help ensure your listing details are always accurate and up to date in both MLS systems. 

What is the difference between an exchanged listing and one I entered directly into REcolorado Matrix?  

The data exchange and integration agreement makes IRES data available to REcolorado customers in REcolorado Matrix and REcolorado data available in IRES’s system. Listings entered in both systems may appear twice. For example, using REcolorado Matrix, you may see two versions of your listing – one which was entered directly into REcolorado Matrix, and one which is populated through the data exchange.  

Pro Tip: You can identify listings that came from IRES by MLS number, which begins with “IR,” or by Copyright details at the bottom of the listing detail page.   

Do I need to enter listings in both systems?

With data exchange, you only need to enter a listing in one system for it to display in both REcolorado Matrix MLS and IRES’s MLS. As a best practice, complete as many fields during listing input as possible to ensure your listing is complete and found by prospective buyers. Thanks to RESO field names and comprehensive data mapping, the fields you complete in REcolorado Matrix closely align to the related field in IRES.

If you enter your listing in only one MLS, the listing data that displays in the other system will always display up-to-date information from the originating MLS system. When you make an edit on the original listing, it will apply to the exchanged listing as well.

Do I need to make listing edits or status changes in both systems?  

For brokers who enter listings in both REcolorado and IRES, you will need to continue making changes to your listings in both systems to ensure accurate listing details. REcolorado Matrix and IRES are still separate MLS systems. If you make a change to one of your listings in one system, it will not automatically change the listing in the other system.  

Through data exchange, your listing displays in the other system only. You will need to continue managing or editing the listing through the MLS where you originally entered the listing.  

If you enter your listing in both MLS systems, you will need to make any changes in both systems to ensure that listing data remains up to date. Otherwise, another broker may see two versions of your listings with differing data.  

For example, changing the status of your listing in REcolorado Matrix from Active to Pending will not automatically change the status of the separate listing in IRES, nor vice versa. Change the status in both systems to avoid untimely status change fines or confusion from multiple listings.  

If I have a listing in both systems, how do I make sure my showings are going to one place?

If your office has launched with BrokerBay and you enter your listing in REcolorado Matrix, you’ll be prompted to select your showing service and configure your listing. Once you’ve completed your listing input, all of your information will be reflected in both REcolorado Matrix and IRES.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which MLS system to use for entering my listings? 
We encourage you to evaluate the complete set of products and services offered by both REcolorado and IRES and choose the one that will work best for you and your business. 

What if there’s an error on my listing?
Double check the originating system for the listing. If the MLS number begins with “IR” the listing came from IRES and you can update your listing in the IRES MLS system. If not, log in to REcolorado Matrix MLS to update your listing. If you believe there’s an error on another broker’s listing in REcolorado Matrix MLS, simply use the ReportIt button to let us know about potential listing errors. If you’re reporting inaccurate data on an IRES listing, it will be shared directly with the IRES Data Integrity team for review.

Do I need to have an account with both REcolorado and IRES?  
The MLS subscriptions you maintain is an individual decision based on your business needs. Not all data from both systems is available through data exchange and integration. Some property types, including commercial and non-MLS, are not included. Consider whether you need access to these property types and historical data for longer periods of time (more than three years) in your decision. 

What happens if I only belong to one MLS? Can I receive credit for buy-side transactions?
If you represent the buyer on a transaction listed in IRES or REcolorado, but do not belong to the originating MLS, your agent ID will not display. You must belong to the MLS in which the listing originated to have your agent ID appear on Closed listings.

The REcolorado Customer Success Team is available to answer all of your questions six days per week. If you have questions about data exchange or how to edit your listing, reach out to REcolorado Customer Success. We’re available six days per week by phone or email. 

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