BrokerBay: Full-Service Showing Solution

BrokerBay is REcolorado’s showing management service. In addition to giving agents and their clients a user-friendly interface, it keeps administrators, agents, offices, and teams connected.

Office Efficiencies

Offices get a robust show solution for their agents that is provided by REcolorado. In addition, brokerages gain advanced admin controls, internal announcement tools, a listing intranet, and modern reporting.

Agent Benefits

The BrokerBay showing management ecosystem is included as part of an REcolorado subscription. Plus, BrokerBay buttons display in REcolorado Matrix, the REcolorado App, and your electronic lockbox system, meaning you can easily manage showings anywhere, anytime, with tools you already use. If you need to schedule, adjust, or cancel an appointment, just call 888.808.0331.

Frequently Asked Questions