A Remarkable 2023 – MLS Year in Review

To wrap up the 2023 year in one word, the REcolorado Customer Success team would say “Remarkable!” We witnessed great strides in company initiatives, positive enhancements to the products and services we provide, and respectful relationships with our customers and each other.

Throughout the year you, our customers, remained our North Star, guiding decision-making to ensure our mutual success.

Enhanced Products

To continue enhancing your primary MLS platform, Matrix, we made several enhancements this year including:

  • Listing Input module
  • Photo upload limit increased from 40 to 50
  • Square footage fields auto-populate using Fill From Realist*
  • Retired Multi-family Property Subtype
  • New Listing Paths to meet your seller needs: Closed Off MLS and Private Exclusive

*You asked, we listened! Consistent square footage data helps both real estate brokers and appraisers. Need a handy SqFt resource? Download the Square Footage Companion

New Listing Paths

Understanding that not every seller’s situation will follow the traditional process, the Private Exclusive listing path was introduced. This option can be beneficial to brokers because it provides a way to serve clients who want privacy while also fulfilling the MLS mandatory submission rule which, in turn, strengthens the database. First time hearing of Private Exclusive? Click here to learn more.

Multi-Family Subtype Retired

Another vital improvement included the retirement of the Multi-Family property subtype. Following the implementation of the property subtype in 2020, Customer Success persistently heard feedback that it has caused ongoing confusion with brokers and their clients. We adapted our process to align with your needs and removed the subtype for a smoother input and search experience. Read more about the change.

Data Accuracy

To help achieve excellence, REcolorado is committed to providing accurate data to give you the most reliable, up-to-date data in the marketplace. Our Data Accuracy team, which is part of the Customer Success team, successfully processed over 5,000 agent-reported listing inaccuracies. You can help by reporting any data that looks inaccurate using the ReportIt button in Matrix and on your dashboard. You help ensure we all have better data!

Pro Tip: When we all use the same definitions and procedures to share listing data, we all have better information! Collaboration and trust are critical in maintaining a reliable database. Need a quick MLS policy rundown?
Check out the MLS Policy Guide here.

Here for Your Success

2023 brought challenges that harnessed positive change in our dynamic world! The conversations you have with the REcolorado Customer Success team on the phone and through email cultivate an outstanding, ever-growing knowledge base across the entire company! We strive to remain flexible in our approach and adhere to our customer-centric values. When you call or email the Customer Success team, we work together to understand your needs, preferences, and concerns day in and day out! Learn more about Customer Success.