Why refer clients when you can Showami them?

Think about it…why give up 75% of a commission just because you cannot show your client the property? You can keep both your client and your commission and have Showami show the home for you.

In the past, agents would refer their clients to other agents because it was too far to drive and show homes themselves.

Often, they would settle for a small 25% referral fee and be disappointed by the service that their valued clients received. Many agents have now realized that they can service clients in markets that were once out of reach for them.  They can still offer their expert level of service and communication along with maintaining their strong relationship with the client by having another agent show the home on their behalf.

Showami founder, Matt Kuchar, states “Agents have always helped each other out with showing homes. We took what was already taking place and made it faster, easier and more reliable.”  It has been the agents who have shown us new methods and marketplaces that did not exist before. Agents who live in Denver used to refer business to agents in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.  Now they schedule showings through Showami and write the contracts themselves.  They keep the commission and the relationship with the client. It’s a win-win for agents and their clients. 

Agents living in two or more states can now continue doing business even when they are out of state.  They don’t have to give up their clients when they are travelling.

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