REcolorado Matrix Quick Guide: Residential Property Type, Property Subtype, and Structure Type

REcolorado Matrix follows the Real Estate Standard Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary to bring you consistent field names that have been adopted by MLS organizations and real estate technology providers across the U.S. Here’s a quick overview of the Property Type, Property Subtype, and Structure Types for Residential.  

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Residential Property Type, Property Subtype, and Structure Type 

REcolorado Matrix no longer has categories for “Residential – Detached Single Family” and “Residential – Attached Single Family.” Now, all homes fall under the Residential Property Type and are distinguished based on Property Subtype. All single-family detached homes are included in the “Single Family Residence” Property Subtype. 

What about what we used to know as Single-Family Attached? In REcolorado Matrix, you’ll find these in the Property Subtypes for Condominium, Townhouse, Duplex, Triplex, and Quadruplex. Here are some tips for using these categories: 

  • Use the Dictionary of Property Types to help you select the correct Property Type and Subtype 
  • According to RESO, the Property Subtype is defined by the type of ownership, which can be determined by the legal description or how the property is deeded.  
  • The Structure Type describes the structure in which the unit/property is located, or the physical appearance of the property.  Selecting the correct Property Subtype will give you applicable structure types. 
  • Want to see how Property Subtype and Structure Type relate? View this handy guide.

REcolorado Matrix Follows the RESO Data Dictionary

Field names and definitions were changed because REcolorado adopted the RESO Data Dictionary standard across our native MLS system. This creates a streamlined consistency that carries through listing input to displays on and partner products. 

Further, because these standards are used across the industry, you’ll have access to third-party products that will bring you better and more affordable technology tools faster. Plus, it means your listing data will be consistent with national standards established by RESO. We’re the only MLS in Colorado to do this. Learn more about why we changed REcolorado Matrix

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