Frequently Asked Questions: Active Status

To help you understand the rules governing the Active Listing Status, we assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

How is the Active Status defined?

An Active listing is on the MLS, available for showings, and an offer has not been accepted.

How is DIM calculated?

Days in MLS (DIM) is defined as the total number of days from the time a property is made Active in the MLS until an off-market status occurs. DIM stops when a status is changed from Active to Pending, Withdrawn, Expired, or Closed. DIM is not counted when a listing is in Coming Soon Status.

The Coming Soon period for my listing ended and I’m ready to make my listing Active, but not ready for showings yet. What do I do?

If your listing is not ready for showings at the end of the Coming Soon period, you can let REcolorado Matrix move the listing to Active and then update the listing with the date the property will be ready for showings by completing the No Showings Until field. DIM will accumulate and the listing will display with a “New” banner. Be sure to clear this information once the property is ready to be shown.

You also have the option to move the listing to the Withdrawn status, which temporarily stops showings. A For Sale sign can be in the yard and all marketing can continue (yard sign, flyers, social media, etc.) while a listing is in Withdrawn status. Days in MLS (DIM) pauses, and the listing is not included in data feeds. Because the listing agent still has an agreement with the seller, it’s against REcolorado rules for another agent to contact the seller in an attempt to gain them as a client. When the listing is moved to Active status, it will display with a “Back on Market” banner.

Where will my Active listing display?

As an REcolorado subscriber, you have control where your listings are displayed, and that decision is often made together with your client. Take a look at this blog post, Getting to Know Syndication,, and IDX so you can educate your seller on the available options to market their home. If your seller is concerned about privacy, you have several options to ensure you protect your seller’s privacy through REcolorado while the listing is in Active status.

Pro Tip: To get more information about the ins and outs of listing status changes in REcolorado Matrix, view our recorded webinar, REcolorado Listing Statuses: Define, Accurately Manage, & Remain Compliant, visit the REcolorado Listing Input & Edit Learning Path, and take a look at the ABCs of Matrix Statuses guide.

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