How to Use Lundy’s Finding Homes with Alexa

Lundy provides an Alexa Skills product, Finding Homes, which bridges the accessibility challenge of searching for homes for visually impaired individuals. Lundy’s goal is to provide the most comprehensive search engine available by voice.

Get Started

  1. Use your Alexa device or
  2. Download Alexa on your smart device

    Please Note: Lundy users will need an Amazon account.

Finding Homes with Alexa

Launch the Alexa Skill by saying things like “Alexa, start Finding Homes,” “Search by City or Zip Code,” or “In Zip Code 80016.”

To generate desired results, Alexa will prompt the user for this information:

  • Maximum Price 🏷️
  • Number of Bathrooms 🛀
  • Number of Bedrooms 🛏️

You can narrow your results by using phrases like “What is the HOA?,” “Does this home have a basement?,” or “What is the Middle school?”

If you would like to download a PDF that includes these instructions, click the button below.