Compensation Field Update

Cooperative Compensation Field Update

At REcolorado, our vision is to empower a trusted, cooperative, and comprehensive real estate marketplace to position our customers for success by providing data, technology, and intelligence. We put this concept into practice by making property information widely available and facilitating cooperation between MLS participants. 

While real estate commissions have always been negotiable, we want to make that fact even more clear by aligning the listing input process within Matrix. Soon, we will allow brokers to add any amount, including blank or zero (0), in a listing’s COOP Compensation field. We are making this small change to underscore the complete flexibility of REcolorado subscribers to engage in transparent negotiations with their clients. 

What This Means for You 

The COOP Compensation field is not going away – it will still be available in REcolorado Matrix. Going forward, the field will allow any amount, from zero and up, and may be left blank. It is important to note that this update does not affect the following:

  • Offers of cooperative compensation remain at the discretion of the listing broker/seller.
  • The MLS does not fix, suggest, control, or set commissions.
  • The offer of commission is between Participants and is always negotiable.

You can review our complete MLS Rules & Regulations here, or access them from your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard. 

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