Closing Checklist: Gather the Information you Need at the Closing Table

Timely status changes make the market work! It is important for you and your clients to have accurate listing information, including homes that are no longer on the market. Per REcolorado rules and regulations, a status change must be made within 3 business days.

As you’re preparing for closing, plan ahead to ensure you have all the information you need to move the listing to Closed status.

Don’t Wait for Title Paperwork

If you don’t gather the information you need at closing, you may need to wait for the title company to send the paperwork back before you can close your listing in REcolorado Matrix. In some smaller towns, title paperwork is mailed which slows down the process. Waiting for paperwork also puts you at risk of being charged fees for an untimely status change if the paperwork does not come through in time.

Instead of relying on title paperwork, gather the necessary information at closing with this Closing Checklist.

Close Your Listing in Real Time

Remember, Matrix is mobile friendly! Log in to REcolorado Matrix from your phone or laptop to close your listing in real time at the closing table. You can also quickly access your listing from the REcolorado App; click “Edit Listing” to access the Matrix mobile view of the listing.

If you don’t have internet access, use the Closing Checklist to gather the required information and update listing status once you’re connected again.

Help Your Admin Help You

If you rely on someone else to make status changes for you, make their job easier by providing the completed Closing Checklist.

Admins often have busy workloads that can prevent them from completing changes in a timely manner. By providing all the information they need up front, you save them valuable time and ensure your listing is updated quickly and accurately.

REcolorado Customer Care is also here to help! Contact us at or 303.850.9576, option 1, and provide them with the information on the form. We’ll be happy to assist in closing your listing in a timely manner.