Clear Cooperation Works for All

The Clear Cooperation policy, introduced by the National Association of REALTORS® late in 2019, was designed to help brokers best serve the public. Not only does it support Fair Housing and a broker’s fiduciary duty to their clients, it also makes you look good! Clear Cooperation benefits everyone involved in real estate transactions – here’s how:


More Listings
More opportunities to buy a home. That means all buyers have a better chance of finding the right home for them.

Trust in the Broker
When they have a question about a listing, you have the answer! The data is in the MLS. Clear Cooperation eliminates pocket listings, so if your buyer sees a home with a for sale sign, you’ll be able to find details about that home in the MLS.

Fair Housing
Ensure equal opportunity to see all listings. The Fair Housing Act and other laws were enacted to guarantee a right to a national housing market free from discrimination.


Largest Network of Buyers
More than 26,000 real estate brokers are connected in the largest broker-to-broker network in Colorado – REcolorado. When your listing is included in the MLS, it is visible to all these brokers and their serious buyers.

More Exposure for their Listing
More visibility means more views, more exposure, and more potential buyers! When you enter a listing in REcolorado Matrix, you have the option to determine if your listing is available on the internet, including, the REcolorado App, IDX and VOW feeds, and to select national syndication sites – remember, you remain in control of the marketing.

Highest and Best Offer
More buyers bring more offers for you to present to your sellers. Your goal is to get the highest price and best terms for your seller.


Accurate Data
Don’t skim over this point – it’s an important one! When all listings are available in the MLS, that means you have access to a complete data set. Accurate and complete data helps you produce better market stats, CMAs, productivity reports… in short, it lets you be the market expert!

Prove your Production
When all your listings are included in REcolorado Matrix, you have a complete record of your productivity. Use productivity reports in listing presentations to win new clients. Track all your production in one place when you apply for awards. Plus, consumers can see your current and sold listings from your profile on

All Brokers Look Better
Cooperation helps all brokers. Keeping a listing on the DL may sound fine until you’re the one who isn’t in on the secret. Instead, have peace of mind knowing that you have access to all publicly marketed listings.

One Place to Search
Save time knowing that when you look for a listing in the MLS, you’ll find it! No need to spend twice as long searching the web and social media sites for a trace of a pocket listing your buyer happened to see as they were cruising neighborhoods.

Fills ethical and legal obligations
Clear Cooperation ensures equal opportunity to see all listings. When you comply with Clear Cooperation, you also support Fair Housing and your fiduciary duty to both buyers and sellers.

Cooperation and Compensation
As an MLS, REcolorado maintains rules and regulations to ensure the offer of cooperation and compensation is extended to all Participants, along with centralized and standardized sharing of listing information. The Rules and Regulations Committee consists of local brokers and serves as an objective body to address compliance concerns, as well as the formulation of policies that support cooperation and ensure reliable, accurate data.

Listing Paths to Meet your Seller’s Needs

Because we understand that not all sellers and listings have the same needs, we offer listing paths including Closed Off MLS and Private Exclusive to give brokers pro-consumer options that meet the varying needs of their clients.