REcolorado Roadmap Delivers MLS Value

To run a successful real estate business, you need the right partners. We are delighted you trust REcolorado to be your multiple listing service. You count on us for an accurate, dependable MLS system and more—much, much more. From safeguarding data to ensure it is reliable, to facilitating connections between professionals with properties to sell and those with clients who may buy them, you depend on us to efficiently operate your business and serve your clients. That’s a big job, which is why we put so much thought into the products and services we provide.

With more than 26,000 subscribers REcolorado is the 17th largest MLS in the United States according to the T3 Sixty Real Estate Almanac. Last year alone we were the MLS partner that was used to facilitate more than 78,300 home buying and selling transactions across Colorado. Our vision is to empower real estate professionals to succeed. This means being the trusted and relevant source for the most comprehensive and accurate data and the highest quality products and services.

What is on the REcolorado roadmap for the remainder of 2021 and 2022 that will deliver you the value you expect from your multiple listing service partner?  Read on as I connect the dots.

Full-Service Showing Solution

This fall we will roll out the BrokerBay showing management ecosystem. In addition to the ability to schedule showings, BrokerBay offers a full front-desk showing platform, 3D virtual showings, communication and notifications systems, showing analytics, a file storage system, and an easy-to-use app that makes it easy to schedule and manage showings on the go.

REcolorado Matrix and REcolorado App Enhancements

REcolorado Matrix is likely one of the tools you use most. Whether you are marketing a property, helping a buyer find the right home, running a CMA, or running market stats reports, you and your clients need REcolorado Matrix to have complete and reliable information. More and more of you are also using the REcolorado App to serve your clients on the go in this fast-moving market. Recently the REcolorado App received an update that improved the map for consumers and added listing edit functionality for you. Later this year and in 2022 you’ll see the launch of a new CMA tool in REcolorado Matrix that incorporates public records information, a new Client Portal that will help you collaborate even more seamlessly with your clients, and an all-new CONNECT dashboard.

Learning Management System to Enhance Training and Education

We have a dedicated training and education team that offers a wide variety of courses in person and online.  To elevate our training classes and take online learning to the next level, we will launch a new learning management system that will provide you access to even more resources and our online library. Access to the training resources you need, the way you want to learn, and when you need them! That’s our goal.      

Back Office Efficiencies to Deliver a World-Class Experience

Much goes on behind the scenes at REcolorado to accomplish our goal of delivering a world-class, customer-centric experience and to maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure our products and services are always available when you need them. In 2021 and 2022 we’ll focus our back-office enhancements on streamlining processes and improving systems so you can quickly and easily manage your REcolorado account, get answers to questions, and more.

More Data to Serve More Customers

Our data is valuable on its own. When it is aggregated and enhanced by data from additional sources, it provides powerful information! Another big REcolorado initiative for 2021 is developing a comprehensive data strategy that will give you access to a greater breadth and depth of data to compliment your listing data. The combination of this powerful data, industry-leading products and services, and world-class customer care will give us opportunities to expand our customer base.

Industry Leadership

As one of the largest multiple listing services in the country REcolorado is dedicated to being engaged in activities that facilitate innovation, promote the value of the MLS, unite the industry, and ensure we are prepared to compete with industry threats. Our industry is evolving rapidly. Staying on the leading edge and forming the right strategic partnerships will contribute to our goal of empowering brokers and agents to thrive.

We will be busy this year and next! I know I speak for each and every employee at REcolorado when I say nothing makes us prouder than to empower your success.

Gene Millman, President & CEO

Gene Millman
REcolorado President & CEO