Property Subtype & Structure Types

Property Subtype is defined by the type of ownership, which can be determined by the legal description or how the property is deeded.

Structure Type describes the structure in which the unit/property is located, or the physical appearance of the property. Selecting the correct Property Subtype will display applicable Structure Types, pictured below.

Property Subtype: Single Family Residence

A single-family dwelling for sale/lease.

Property Subtype: Condominium

A structure is divided into separate units which can be bought and sold/leased individually. Residents share ownership of common areas, including pools, exercise facilities, and parking lots, but have individual ownership of the unit and airspace. Note: Any legal description with condo or condominium should have the Property Subtype of Condominium.

Property Subtype: Townhouse

A single-family dwelling that shares a wall with another dwelling but is not a duplex/triplex/quadruplex. Note: Any legal description with townhome, TWN, TWHM, or a variant thereof should have the Property Subtype of Townhouse.