From Suggestions to Solutions: Your Feedback in Action

Your success is important to us. That’s why it’s critical that the tools, services, and support we offer meet your needs. One of the ways we ensure they do is by listening to your feedback and continually implementing changes that will help you run your business efficiently.  

To give you a way to share feedback and streamline the process of collecting your input, we created the Collective Intelligence Initiative. This initiative is made up of several diverse groups of real estate professionals from across the state who volunteer their time to provide input on everything from Matrix processes to potential new services that will make your MLS experience even better. We gathered your feedback throughout the year in meetings, surveys, and from feedback collected by our Customer Success team, and took steps to address it with policy changes and system enhancements that will bring you more value.  

Here are some of the changes that have been implemented based on your suggestions this year: 

REcolorado Matrix Enhancements 

Matrix Listing Photo Limit Increased  
In response to your feedback, we increased the photo limit in REcolorado Matrix from forty to fifty. That means you now have ten more chances to showcase your listing and catch the eye of a potential buyer. 

Property Subtype Changes 
To eliminate the confusion around the Property Type and Subtype processes within the MLS, we have begun the implementation of some ongoing changes to REcolorado Matrix. The first was the removal of the Multi-Family Property Subtype as an input option for the Residential and Residential Lease Property Types. Because Multi-Family was removed from listing input, Duplex, Triplex, and Quadruplex are now Structure Type options when Single Family Residence is selected as the Property Subtype. We also retired the MLS policy that requires a Condo or Townhouse to be listed in the property’s legal description when selecting Condo or Townhouse as the Property Subtype (to allow for more intuitive input options). Learn More >> 

Private Exclusive Listing Path Created 
The Private Exclusive listing path was created to provide you with a way to serve clients who want privacy while also fulfilling the MLS mandatory submission rule. This listing input path restricts the visibility of a property so it’s only viewable in the MLS by the listing broker and their office or brokerage. Learn More >> 

Market Statistics Timeframe Expansion 
In response to the increasing prevalence of Retrospective Appraisals due to legal matters like property disputes, estate settlements, and court cases, we expanded the timeframe that stats can be pulled from REcolorado Matrix to support the need for historical property value information. 

Square Footage Input Assistance 
Square footage is essential to each appraisal. To help you enter accurate square footage in the MLS, we made a system change that allows you to populate new listings with square footage data directly from Realist Public Records. After inputting this information, you can adjust the square footage based on an appraiser’s measurements or to account for any modifications that were made to the home. 

Validation Rule Update 
During one of our Quarterly Appraiser Meetings, we learned of a validation rule bug that was allowing rooms to be entered on levels in a listing that did not exist based on the levels in the property. For example, a ranch or one-story property should not have rooms listed on a lower level. We were able to correct this bug, which improves the accuracy of the data for everyone. 

Innovative New Services 

REcolorado Media Bridge 
After hearing how much time and effort it took to add photos to your listings, our development team stepped in to create REcolorado Media Bridge, a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to work together with your media provider to streamline the entire process from start to finish. Thanks to feedback from early adopters, we created a system that fits into your workflow and saves you time. Learn More >> 

Education & Development Updates 

Class Time Adjustments 
To ensure our Education & Development classes fit into your busy schedule, we adjusted the start times by thirty minutes. Morning classes now begin at 9:30 a.m. and afternoon classes begin at 1:30 p.m. See Class Schedule >>  

Streamlined Class Registration 
In the Learning Center on, classes have been consolidated in the registration section so that all formats (in person, live online, and recordings) are in one place. We made this change to help you easily find and select your desired class type so you can learn the way that works best for you. Visit Learning Paths >> 

Class Filters Added 
In the class registration section of the Learning Center on, two filters were added to help you easily view classes with CE credits and all classes that are available within the next two weeks. 

Coming Soon 

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Enhancements 
ADUs have different definitions based on the location/municipality of the property and varying classifications based on the type of loan. This makes it tricky to enter ADUs into the MLS, but it also makes it a challenge for appraisers to search for comparable properties that have ADUs. The combination of these issues can make it difficult to value properties with ADUs, so we plan to adjust the ADU fields in the listing entry process to make it easier to search and identify comparable properties. 

1004MC Tabular Statistics Report Update 
The 1004MC Tabular Statistics Report, which contains many variables that help appraisers value a property, will be expanded to a 36-month timeframe. 

Help Shape the Future of the MLS 

We appreciate each and every person who contributed to these enhancements and encourage anyone who would like to share their ideas to join the REcolorado Think Tank. Together, we can shape the future of real estate tools and services to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about the changes that have been implemented or about joining the Think Tank, please contact our Customer Success team at 303.850.9576, option 1, or