Defining Residential Income: The Most Misunderstood Property Type

Residential Income has long been the most misunderstood Property Type. What makes a home qualify as an “income” property? If you could rent any property, couldn’t any property also be income producing?  

REcolorado’s MLS, powered by Matrix, follows the RESO Data Dictionary definitions for Property Types, which provides a clear and consistent definition for a “Residential Income” property.  You can easily determine which Property Type to use based on the number of units for sale.  

One unit is for sale = Residential

Use the Property Subtype to provide more information about the type of property available, including House, Condo, Townhome, Duplex, Triplex, and Quadruplex. Then, choose the Structure Type that represents how the home looks. 

residential properties house rowhome

2-4 units are for sale = Residential Income 

The definition of the Residential Income Property Type is:  

Multi-family properties of two to four (2-4) units, which may potentially generate income for the buyer.  

Use this Property Type when the entire Duplex, Triplex, or Quadruplex is for sale. If only one unit is for sale, use the Residential Property Type.  

residential income duplex triplex quadruplex

More than 4 units for sale = Commercial  

Use the Property Subtype “Multi-Family” to indicate that the commercial property is an entire structure or complex for sale with five or more (5+) units that are individual dwellings.  

commercial properties multifamily apartments

Livable Structures

If you’re selling a home with a Livable Structure, could it be considered a duplex? The correct Property Type is Residential. Even though the Livable Structure could be rented separately, the primary structure is a single-family house. Therefore, the listing belongs in the Residential Property Type.  

You can indicate that a home has an accessory dwelling, carriage house, in-law suite, or other Livable Structure during Residential Listing Input. This information can be entered in the Parking and Structures tab. Use “Also Marketed As” to indicate that the home may be used as a Residential Income property.  

accessory dwelling tiny house mother-in-law suite

As you prepare to enter your listing into REcolorado’s MLS, powered by Matrix, review the Dictionary of Property Types and Subtypes and the Square Footage Companion for helpful guidelines and definitions.

If you’re not sure how to categorize a property, contact REcolorado Customer Care at 303.850.9576, option 1, or