Concession Types

Concessions are monetary payments that a seller agrees to contribute towards the buyer’s expenses and other costs a buyer is responsible for in the transaction. Use this field to indicate the type of concession(s) that were made. Additional concessions can be added as needed. 

Any Other Buyer Fee, Cash, Cost, Charge, or Expenditure

Any other fee, etc. not in the selection list that was negotiated as a concession between seller and buyer. 

Buyer Credit/Incentives

Negotiated incentives from seller to buyer such as home warranty, expedited closing, HOA dues, etc. Builder credit or incentives for using their lender and or other options. 


The seller brings cash to the buyer at closing.

Closing Costs

Expenses related to closing that the seller pays to the buyer. Some examples include application fee, credit check fee, origination fee, underwriting fee, etc. 

Down Payment Assistance

When a government agency, community organization, or mortgage company gives a first-time home buyer assistance to purchase their first home. This assistance can be in the form of cash grants, lower mortgage rates, forgivable loans, or tax incentives. 

Escalation Clause

A section in a real estate contract that states that a prospective buyer is willing to raise their offer to a certain amount on a home should the seller receive a higher competing offer. 

Inspection Credit

A negotiated credit intended to cover repair costs on a property because of a home inspection.

Loan Discount/Interest Rate Buy Down

A mortgage financing technique to obtain a lower interest rate either for the life of the loan or a select number of years. The seller pays discounted points.

Loan Origination Fees

A charge the lender assesses to process a buyer’s request for a mortgage loan. As part of negotiations, a seller may agree to pay a portion of or all loan origination fees.


No concessions.

Prepaid Items

Items that are paid for during the process of closing on a property. Examples include property taxes, insurance, HOA fees, etc.

Rent Reductions

Offered by landlords/leasing agents as a temporary or long-term concession that decreases the monthly rent payment.

Security Deposit Waived

Money that is held by landlords if a tenant damages the property, breaks the lease, or doesn’t pay rent but is waived as an incentive to rent the property.