CMAs as an Engagement Tool 

You know how to create CMAs for existing clients, but have you considered using them to increase engagement? With several CMA tools at your fingertips, you can send a high-impact update to your sphere to start or continue a conversation.  

Here are some ways you can use CMAs to help potential clients understand the value of their home and know when it’s the best time to sell.   

It’s Tax Season!  

During tax season, homeowners are likely to receive a property valuation in the mail. This is a great time to show your value, too! Ask your clients if they’d like a CMA to understand the market value of their home.

Pro Tip: This can be a helpful tidbit to remind potential clients that they can dispute the value of their home for tax purposes or to show them that their house is in demand!  

Is it Time for a Move?  

Because your business is built on connections, you’ve stayed in touch with your clients after leaving the closing table (social media is great for this!). When you notice a change that could prompt a move, like having a baby, accepting a new job, or even getting married or divorced, reach out and ask if you can provide a CMA. It can be a great way to demonstrate your value, help them understand the value of their home, and plant the seed for a future sale.  

Save Searches, Save Time

Remember, you can easily begin a CMA from search results in the MLS. If you’re taking the time to run a CMA, save your search so you can do it again the next time opportunity knocks! Providing a customized CMA report is a high-value service you can offer your clients, and an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise.  

Create a CMA on the Fly   

Active demonstrations can be a fantastic way to display your knowledge. The next time you’re at a client meeting, remember the tools already in your pocket that can help you perform a quick CMA – the REcolorado App, Homes Pro, Matrix, and Realist!  

When it’s time to price a property, remember the value of an accurate CMA. For in-depth training and quick reference guides for the tools available through your REcolorado subscription, visit our CMAs & Pricing Learning Path