Back Office Feeds

Back Office Feed Instructions for MLS Grid

Follow the instructions below to set up your Back Office Feed in MLS Grid.

Part 1 – Create Your MLS Grid Account 

If you already have an MLS Grid account, please skip to Part 2 below. 

  1. Request an MLS Grid account at  

  1. MLS Grid will review your information and respond with an email that includes a link. Click the link and follow the steps to complete the sign-up process.

Part 2 – Select Your MLS Source 

  1. Go to and log in to your account.  

  1. In the Manage Subscriptions section, click the plus sign next to Back Office Subscription.

  1. Add a subscription name and a description of how the data will be used and click Next. 

  1. Select REcolorado from the list of MLSs and click Save.  

  1. Review and sign the MLS Grid Master Data License Agreement.   

Part 3 – Finalize the Agreement 

  1. After the Agreement is fully signed, REcolorado will review and approve. You will then be notified that this Agreement is ready to be finalized.  
  1. Log in to MLS Grid and finalize the Agreement.  
  1. You can now pull REcolorado Back Office data from MLS Grid.

Questions? Please contact MLS Grid Support at 385.429.0606 or