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REcolorado Training Policies

*Live Online Class Continuing Education Policy – To earn Continuing Education (CE) via an eligible REcolorado live online class attendees must be an active REcolorado subscriber, attend the session in its entirety, have their webcam on, and be visible on camera for the duration of the class. Per DORA, attendees may not be multi-tasking during the class, this includes but is not limited to driving, exercising, talking on the phone etc. Failure to remain fully engaged during the class will result in CE not being issued. To meet the DORA requirements for CE credit, REcolorado will capture and retain attendee webcam images during the class, in addition to other activities for attendance reporting.​​​​​​​

*Late Arrival Policy (Reserved workstation and CE credit) – If a registered attendee arrives 10 minutes late, or more to a session, REcolorado will not guarantee a work station nor provide CE credit. If a registered attendee does not arrive within the first 10 minutes of class the reserved workstation will be given to one of the waitlist registrants in attendance. Due to the number of no shows, REcolorado encourages our waitlist registrants to attend the session and allows them to take a workstation if available. State regulations require a minimum number of instructional minutes; therefore we are not able to issue CE credit to those who arrive 10 minutes late or more.

*Inclement Weather Policy – REcolorado’s inclement weather policy follows the Cherry Creek School District closure and late start policy. Therefore, if Cherry Creek Schools are closed REcolorado will also be closed and no classes will be held. If Cherry Creek Schools are on a delayed start REcolorado will also be on a late start, morning classes will be cancelled, afternoon classes will take place as scheduled. REcolorado will work to reschedule the canceled classes, or you are welcome to register for future sessions already scheduled

*Anti-Harassment Policy – REcolorado has worked hard to build a reputation for responsible behavior and fairness. We strongly support the rights of all its employees to work in an environment that is free from all forms of harassment. Additionally, REcolorado has a duty to maintain a lawful, pleasant work environment where all employees are able to effectively perform their work without interference of any type. Harassment of its employees in any workplace context, including conferences, meetings, social events, work-related activities, and trips, as well as off-site meetings and customer training sessions will not be tolerated. This includes unlawful harassment from non-employees with whom REcolorado has a business or professional relationship, including but not limited to vendors, visitors, customers, clients, etc.

If it is determined that a customer, vendor, or other external party has harassed an employee, immediate and appropriate corrective action against the external party will take place.