FMLS and REcolorado Partnership Helps You Break Through Borders

More home shoppers are expanding their property searches to different parts of the country. The internet makes it easier to be connected to property information in any state and removes the need for geographic boundaries when buyers are looking for their next home. Now, we’re giving you ways to break through borders and serve those customers. 

Through our recent strategic partnership with First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS), the largest MLS in the state of Georgia, you’ll be able to see listings outside the immediate area you serve, make referrals to a market expert, get referrals from brokers across Colorado, Georgia, and Alabama, and give your clients a high-level understanding of those markets. This partnership will allow you to give your customers the best possible service with direct, real-time access to reliable listing data in the MLS, even when their search takes them outside Colorado. 


We expect to launch FMLS data in REcolorado Matrix early next year. Our teams have started the work needed to display data in their respective MLS systems and integrated products. This involves mapping fields to ensure data from one MLS displays in the appropriate field from the other MLS.

Both REcolorado and FMLS are RESO Platinum Certified—that means we’re using a standard set of field names defined by the RESO Data Dictionary—making this a seamless partnership that is easy to put in place and maintain.  

What’s Next?  

Our goal is to give you more data so you can serve your clients. We will be forming more partnerships like this to keep you connected – connected with your clients, connected to more data, connected with brokers and agents. 

Do we want more data from Colorado partners? Absolutely.  We’re happy to talk to anyone about data integrations so you have the information you need to be the local expert or the resource for a referral. 

Questions? Contact REcolorado Customer Success at (303) 850-9576, option 1, or