Why MLS Policy Matters

Our policies provide a consistent structure and framework for MLS data that helps your clients buy and sell homes and helps you run the tools you use every day like market stats, CMAs, contract services, and more! You and your clients have more insights when you’re armed with accurate data.​

When you say “Yes” to the MLS by choosing REcolorado as your partner, you are agreeing to contribute to the data that is the foundation of the real estate industry. You do this by entering your listings into the MLS system and following the same rules other brokers follow in exchange for all the benefits the MLS provides. That’s a pretty good deal, right? Not only will you have access to a complete set of listing data, but you can also confidently interpret the data you see because you know it was entered in a consistent way.  ​

Remember, we’re here to help you learn the policies, understand their importance, and guide you through their usage.​

Who Must Follow MLS Policies?

You’ll be glad to know everyone using REcolorado tools are working together to make our data the best it can be. That means all subscribers agree to follow the MLS Rules and Regulations. Your subscription type does not affect your participation in the MLS and you are responsible for your listing even if you get help from someone else.​

What if I’m working with an agent who uses a different MLS? Agents who don’t have access to REcolorado are not required to follow REcolorado MLS policy.​