Keeps Tabs on Daily Local Market Changes

Your clients expect you to have all the answers about what’s happening in the market. With Hot Sheets, you’ll be ready! By collecting, assessing, and sharing local market information with current and future clients, you’ll make yourself indispensable as a real estate expert. While no one can predict where the market will go with absolute certainty, you can get some clues from your MLS Hot Sheets, which you’ll find on your REcolorado Matrix home page.

Hot Sheets are a great way to keep an eye on daily market adjustments. Because they’re change-centric, you can get real-time insights into property information like price fluctuations and status changes, which you can use to track updates in your farming area or keep an eye on what’s happening in the specific communities you service.

You can save up to 20 Hot Sheets on your dashboard, allowing you to keep track of ongoing trends in the communities you serve – use the preset options or customize your own! Once you set them up with the information you want, they’ll continue running behind the scenes, ready for you to access at any time.

We recommend using this information to supplement the overall market trends provided in REcolorado’s monthly Market Statistics reports.

Getting Started with Hot Sheets

Refer to these how-to guides for more information:

For more ways to showcase your local market expertise, visit the REcolorado Market Stats Learning Path.