Generate CMAs in REcolorado Matrix

REcolorado Matrix has a built-in CMA system you can use to generate customized CMAs for your clients.

The purpose of a CMA is to establish a range of value for a property that a seller wishes to sell or a buyer wishes to buy. An accurate range is one that reflects market conditions at the time and place of the desired transaction. Once an accurate property range is determined, the further purpose of a CMA is to provide an objective, market-driven starting point for deciding how to price properties. This is especially important as the market fluctuates.

When it’s time to start the process of selecting comparable area properties, we recommend using REcolorado Matrix. Not only is the CMA tool built in, but REcolorado has the most complete listing data available, powered by more than 27,000 real estate professionals.

As you know, market conditions can fluctuate rapidly, which can result in CMAs quickly becoming out of date. To ensure you have the most current and recent historical information you need, only one year of CMAs will be retained in REcolorado Matrix. To retain a CMA that is approaching a year in age, simply open and resave it, which will reset the date it was created. Additionally, you can download a CMA and save it with your client documentation for reference.

Pro Tip: Learn more on the REcolorado Learning Path: CMA and Pricing

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