Free Exposure for Your Rental Listings on

We’ve got some great news for brokers—rental listings entered in REcolorado’s MLS now display on for free! REcolorado and Zillow worked together so you will no longer need to pay for this exposure. Remember, you are in control of where your listings display through your REcolorado subscription. Learn more about IDX, Syndication, and on our Professionals Blog.

What Has Changed?

In January 2021, Zillow transitioned from being a syndication portal to a dues-paying member of NAR and local associations, which means they enjoy the same benefits, and follow the same rules, as other brokerages. One of these benefits is the ability to access data through IDX feeds. As a brokerage in Colorado, residential listings displayed on the Zillow website will come from an IDX listing data feed. Recently, REcolorado negotiated on your behalf to add free display of rental listings to As of Summer 2022, brokers no longer need to pay to have their rental listings displayed on – rental listings entered into REcolorado’s MLS, Matrix, now are displayed on for no additional cost.

Curious about IDX?

REcolorado is proud to offer our customers the ability to enhance their websites with IDX. Adding IDX to your website gives visitors to your site the ability to perform property searches on Active, Pending, Closed , and Leased listings, which helps build your website’s popularity. IDX data feeds include rental listings for all brokerages. Together, we build stronger online branding which is why IDX is so important on your website. More relevant content = strong website = more views on your page.

IDX is also powerful marketing! It puts your listings on the IDX websites of REcolorado’s 27,000+ subscribers.

For questions about your Rental listing or IDX, please contact the REcolorado Customer Success Team at 303.850.9576, option 1, or