Add a Free Floor Plan and Room Dimensions to Your Listings with CubiCasa  

REcolorado customers can add detailed floor plans, including measurements and room dimensions to listings using CubiCasa. The CubiCasa mobile app produces comprehensive and visually appealing floor plans from a simple, five-minute scan of the home. Basic floor plans are available for free as a benefit of your REcolorado subscription, enhancing the value of your membership!

When you sign up for CubiCasa, you’ll get:

Create or Link your CubiCasa Account

If you already have a CubiCasa account, you can link it to REcolorado in your Profile settings from your user dashboard. 

Want to create a floor plan in five minutes? Watch this CubiCasa Training Video.


Can my Photographer use CubiCasa? 

Some photographers may already offer floor plans as part of their media package. You can access CubiCasa’s directory of real estate photographers. CubiCasa is available to any photographer in our market. Plus, it’s so easy, you may choose to do it yourself!  

Is CubiCasa Available for Appraisers?  

Yes! Appraisers can also take advantage of this tool to generate floor plans to supplement your appraisal. CubiCasa even offers GLA reports for a small additional charge.  

Questions? We’re here for your Success.