Dictionary of Property Types

When we all use consistent definitions to enter listings into REcolorado Multiple Listing Service, powered by Matrix, it’s easier for the right buyer to find them! Use this guide to help you determine the correct Property Type and Subtype as defined by the RESO Data Dictionary.

Residential / Residential Lease

A single-family dwelling for sale or lease.

Residential New Home

A new construction single-family dwelling for sale or lease.

Residential Income

Multi-family properties of two to four (2-4) units, which may potentially generate income for
the buyer.


Vacant land zoned for non-commercial use.


A property that is or could be income producing and consists of 35 or more acres.

Manufactured in Park

The home for sale is built on a steel chassis and is not legally attached to the land on which it is
resting. The land could be leased, or the home could be sold standalone from the land.

Commercial Sale/Lease

A property for sale or lease that brokerages transactions, such as office, industrial, retail, hotel, and
special purpose.

Business Opportunity

A business that is for sale. It may or may not include real property.


Personal property that is for sale and may or may not be associated with real property. The Specialty
listing is transferring or describing the current use of the property and might not have a deed transfer
associated with it.

Private Exclusive Listings

Private Exclusive listings restrict the visibility of a property so that it’s only viewable in the MLS by the listing broker and their office or brokerage. This listing input option should only be used on a limited basis when a homeowner wants anonymity/privacy when attempting to sell their property and instructs their broker to limit the visibility of their listing in the MLS.

Closed Off MLS

Exempted listings may be entered after closing for comparable and statistical analysis. Residential listings that were legitimately sold off-market with no Clear Cooperation Policy violations may be entered using the Closed Off MLS input path, and should not be entered as a Residential Property Type. For example, a broker may enter a Closed Off MLS listing when they represented the buyers of a FSBO. Listings will display the listing agent and the buyer’s agent for statistical and productivity accuracy.

Also Marketed As

Also Marketed As is a field that will allow a listing entered in the correct Property Type to appear in searches for other selected Property Types without having to enter a duplicate listing. This field can be found on the Marketing tab in Listing Input.

This eliminates the need to enter a listing as more than one Property Type.

For example: If a listing is entered in the Residential Property Type and Land is selected in the Also Marketed As field, the listing will appear in search results for both Residential or Land property types when using the Also Marketed As search form.